The TorZo Surfaces story began in the 1980’s when founder Ray Southwell developed a process to treat wood panels with acrylic resin, resulting in decorative panels that would be as easy-to-use as wood, but as resistant to the elements as plastic.

R&D efforts continued until the official launch of the business in 2008. TorZo Surfaces offered a wide range of infused, LEED-eligible panels to the architectural and design communities. TorZo continued to innovate with new colors and surfaces until the sale of the business in 2021.

On a parallel path with TorZo, Trillium Pacific Millwork (TPM) developed panel products and other millwork offerings for the same design community, over the same time horizon. TPM manufactured panels for TorZo Surfaces including the Striata and Balsa panel line for the past decade.

Trillium Pacific Millwork is excited to have TorZo Surfaces join our team and enhance the capabilities we have. We offer a much wider variety of products than TorZo was capable of, at the same high quality you are used to. Contact us today to talk to us about your project and how we might make new designs come to life.


Mike Lipke Trillium Pacific and TorZo Surfaces

Mike Lipke

President, Trillium Pacific Millwork

Jennifer De La Rosa

Sarah Jory


TorZo Surfaces has an extensive network of distributors and sales agents located throughout the United States. Please use our rep locator tool to find a sales representative near you.

Sales groups are invited to request a TorZo Surfaces sample kit.

TorZo is growing!

We’re always looking to expand our distribution network. If you have a passion for unique, beautiful, sustainable building materials, let’s chat!

Made in the U.S.A.

All TorZo products are manufactured at Trillium Pacific Millwork’s headquarters in Hubbard, Oregon.



Growing up in Utah, and now residing in Colorado Springs, CO, Dr. Rebecca Facy has always had an appreciation of majestic mountain views. It’s no wonder then, that this unique office design imagined by Yow Architects resonated with her.

The baffles were designed to resemble an inverted mountain range, and constructed using TorZo Durum in Natural.

Specifier: Yow Architects – CO
Fabricator: Colarelli Construction
Sales Agent: Rocky Mountain Architectural Solutions