Severe Weather in Oregon

During the course of the snow storm over past weekend (2/12-14) lots of snow and heavy winds caused power outages all over Oregon. At this time the power is OUT at our building in Woodburn, OR. This means our phone system is also out. The power outage is expected to last until Wednesday 2/17. Please be patient as we bring production, shipping, and customer care resources back online.

For immediate support or to make a payment contact Ben Estill. 503-995-8985 or

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Portland General Electric (PGE) has released the following information:

Historic storms cause extensive damage

A series of historic storms has hit our communities, bringing three waves of snow, ice, and wind. As each storm rolls in, more ice builds up on trees and powerlines, that causes more trees and power lines to fall. We have restored power to more than 150,000 customers since the start of the storm, and unfortunately, as we repair one area, another area is impacted, and more repairs have to happen. We appreciate this is frustrating and are working fast as we can, while keeping safety for all as our priority.

Restoration details:

  • Transmission lines out: 15
  • Miles of transmission lines to be repaired: 206
  • Substations out: 7
  • Feeders out: 106
  • Number of wires down: 4,408
  • Number of people working to restore power: ~2,500

Transmission lines are the lines that carry the power from the generating plant to the substation. Substations take that power and push it out to feeders, feeders deliver the electricity to you.

We understand being without power in these weather conditions, for an extended period of time is frustrating, challenging, and scary. We thank you for your patience as our crews and support teams work around the clock to safety restore power. – Portland General Electric (PGE)