Designing for tomorrow means that we consider the environmental impact of our products. For our built and natural environments to be beautiful for tomorrow’s generations to enjoy, we commit to sourcing, manufacturing and disposing of products with sustainability in mind.


Eco-friendly materials constitute 50%-75% of our sheet goods, allowing you earn points toward LEED certification. Plus, TorZo is formaldehyde free (see below). Earn from +4 to +6 points toward your project’s LEED certification with TorZo products thanks to:

No added urea formaldehyde
All of our products contain no added urea formaldehyde, helping to create healthier indoor air quality.

Recycled material
We divert scrap materials–including wheat, sorghum, hemp, salvage wood and denim–from landfills, reducing waste, recycling scrap, and reusing content.

Rapidly renewable
The wheat, sorghum and hemp fibers that create such unique TorZo textures come from plants that grow quickly and are considered rapidly renewable.

Certified wood
TorZo Surfaces uses sustainably harvested wood products that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.


Find LEED credit detail on each product page or contact us for more information.


As part of our environmental commitment, we invite customers to take advantage of our Waste-To-Energy program.

Though this program, we:

  • Reclaim unusable panels—or TorZo materials that are at the end of their usable life—from jobsites and installations
  • Transport them at our cost
  • Dispose of them in our local Waste-To-Energy Facility that powers our community

How it works

  1. Remove all panels to be reclaimed by Torzo Surfaces from the jobsite.
  2. Package for shipping.
    Large amounts of panels will require palletizing for pickup by common carrier, while smaller amounts can be boxed for shipment via FEDEX or UPS. Full-sized panels can be easily cut into smaller pieces to facilitate packaging.
  3. Contact TorZo Surfaces to arrange for pickup.
    Call us at 1-866-822-0002 or email

We take it from there, arranging to pick up your shipment and transporting it at our cost to the Waste-To-Energy Facility in Brooks, OR. If you require certification, we’ll be happy to provide you a receipt from the Waste-To-Energy Facility, showing that the material was delivered there for incineration.

By burning waste, the W-T-E facility generates approximately 13 Megawatts of electricity annually.

Visit the Marion County website for more details.