The next chapter of TorZo starts now

Learn how we are changing and growing

Hubbard, OR – It’s a been a while since you have heard from TorZo, and that’s because big things have been happening! Evolution has been brewing, and TorZo is poised to begin a new journey. Read on to learn how we are changing and growing.

Same name, new ownership

A few months ago the parent company of TorZo Surfaces was acquired by a global manufacturer of paint and coatings. TorZo was not part of the acquisition, so the search for a new home began. We did not have to look far to find a new owner, because Trillium Pacific Millwork, long-time supplier to TorZo, was ready to grow. TorZo is now a part of Trillium Pacific Millwork and continues to operate with the same Core Values as always. The Architecture & Design community can still expect unique and durable interior surfaces made with sustainable materials, but without the acrylic infusion. New product offerings will be UNINFUSED, and the legacy infused TorZo products will be available while supplies last. Trillium has made it possible to bring the durability, hardness, stability, and unique aesthetic to TorZo’s product line, without the process of infusing.

Already specified TorZo infused surfaces?

For open projects with TorZo’s legacy infused surfaces specified, we are here to support you! CONTACT YOUR REP TODAY to inquire about TorZo for your upcoming projects. Many of your favorite finishes and colorways are still available, and we stand behind their quality with the same TorZo warranty. Production of infused surfaces has stopped, but there are thousands of square feet of infused surfaces on the shelf. These will continue to be available alongside the new uninfused surfaces for the near future. Contact us to inquire about availability of a specified TorZo finish. FIND A REP

Mass Timber construction, brought inside by TorZo

Trillium Pacific Millwork is proud to announce a new line of interior surfaces by TorZo, based on technology inspired by Mass Timber construction. The X-CORE product family is engineered with Cross Lamination techniques, pioneered by Trillium Pacific Millwork. This process of panel construction is developed from the high-tech design and innovation of Mass Timber structural wood products, and TorZo is introducing them into the indoor environment.

Infusion is out, sustainability is in

The change from infused to uninfused surfaces is a further step in sustainability, and we are always looking for ways to better ourselves and the environments we work and live in. With X-CORE technology we reduce our reliance on human-made, oil-based resins and apply the latest Mass Timber construction techniques to maximize durability of natural fibers. The new flagships of X-CORE are made without infusion from FSC Certified Recycled OSB (PACIFICA) and plywood (OLYMPIA), sourced from a seemingly limitless supply of discarded wood fiber waste from construction projects in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? What was once considered waste re-enters as unique architectural finishes with a higher calling, upcycled by TorZo.