The evolution of each Striata panel begins with premium 100% Northwest Douglas Fir structural beams made from the responsibly harvested lumber of SFI certified forests. These beams are traditionally destined to be hidden behind sheetrock, laminated and painted as solid core doors,
or used as scaffold planking. While useful, these applications all overlook the beautiful aesthetic potential within each unique beam. Through our proprietary process we proudly transform these Douglas Fir beams into visually stunning panels with proven durability and performance in a wide
variety of demanding commercial environments.

TorZo’s proprietary process creates a medium that is not only uniquely beautiful, but uniquely durable, too.



TorZo products allow your design stories to come alive in a way nothing else can, because nothing else has the comparable resilience, energy, and richness—for as wide a range of applications—as TorZo.

Easy to fabricate by millworkers or available to order as pre-finished goods.

Meet our panel lineup: 360, Surface, and Surface Plus

360 Panel: The ultimaate combination of form and function! Crafted in a CLT form, this panel offers supreme durability and stunning visual impact with the unique edge detail that only this panel offers. Perfect for those looking to make a lasting impression and elevating style!

Surface Panel: This features face material laminated onto a plywood backer, resulting in a total thickness of 1/4″ overall. Surface panel applications strike a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Surface Plus Panel: Our Surface Plus panels take the best qualities of the Surface panels and enhance them further. It offers extended durability with a 1/2″ laminated plywood backer, and an array of customizable options to suit your unique needs as a value-engineered option.a