Caldera High School

Bend, OR

Parda Natural


State-of-the-art design in Oregon High Desert

Bend, OR – Bright and open spaces promote collaboration, connection, and group interaction in burgeoning Bend’s first high school in two decades. The 255,000 SF “school of the future” boasts 60 classrooms and adaptable, functional spaces to support various sizes of group learning. The library does not have closed doors or a quiet policy, and the design allows students to flow freely in and out. Bend’s abundant natural light is brought in through large windows throughout, and the use of glass invites curiosity and connection.

A bilingual poem in Spanish and English adorns the learning staircase, featuring TorZo’s Parda. Throughout the light-filled common areas designers integrated seating within the vertical wall elements, demonstrating Parda’s versatility. With a hardness rating of 3-4x more than Oak, Parda offers superior durability in active and high traffic environments. There’s no lunch tray, backpack, book, or basketball that it can’t handle beautifully.

Caldera High School welcomes the inaugural class on September 8, 2021.

Designer: BBT Architects – Bend, OR

Architectural Millwork: Architectural Millwork – Eugene, OR

Material: Parda Natural