Zen Den Camper Van


Santa Barbara, CA

Work / Live / Travel Anywhere

Santa Barbara, CA – The van life offers freedom from quarantine and lockdown, and we could all benefit from freedom to go anywhere right now! This camper van from Zen Den can be anything you want it to be — mobile home office, gym, art studio, guest room, and base camp. It is designed and built with healthy interior materials like TorZo Tiikeri Sapphire upcycled sorghum straw countertops, natural cork insulation/sound dampening, and organic latex mattresses.

Countertops made from TorZo are highly durable, scratch resistant, heat resistant, and totally unique! Interested in TorZo countertops for your van or home? We can supply pre-finished countertops made to your exact dimensions, ready for installation. Get a quote here.

Designer: Zen Den Soulstream Inc. – Santa Barbara, CA

Material: Tiikeri Sapphire